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Organic raw materials 3415Other 1505Intermediate 669Inorganic chemical industry 668Chemical raw materials 262Chemical Reagents 130Agrochemicals 115Catalysts and auxiliaries 90Dyes and pigments 76Biomedicine 57Organic chemical raw materials 36Pharmaceutical raw materials 32Daily chemical industry 31Flavors and spices 31Food additive 25Pharmaceutical intermediate 23Cosmetic raw materials 13Chemical intermediate 11Flavor and Spice 10Organic chemical industry 7Fine chemical raw materials 6Pharmaceutical bulk drug 5Synthetic material intermediates 5Medical raw materials 4Daily chemical raw materials 4Organic intermediate 3Inorganic chemical products 3Biochemical reagent 3fine chemicals 3Metal organic matter 2Spices and Flavors 2Plant extract 2Dye intermediate 2Liposome 2API 2Molecular block 2Inorganic chemical raw materials 2Flavor (flavoring agent) 2Inorganic salt 1Cosmetics 1Pesticide and Dye Intermediates 1Catalysts and promoters 1Pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials 1Food addition 1Daily chemicals 1Nutritional enhancer 1Small molecule inhibitor 1Nutritional supplement 1Chemical intermediate industrial raw materials 1Original drug intermediate 1Pesticide intermediate 1Organic pigment 1Chemical Raw Material-Surfactant 1additive 1 1Pharmaceutical and chemical industry 1Precious metal compound 1Ultraviolet absorber 1Surfactant-Cationic Surfactant 1Catalyst and Additives 1Thickener 1Solvent dye 1Organic synthesis intermediate 1Industrial raw materials 1Pesticide raw materials 1Pharmaceutical active molecule 1Special chemicals 1Silicone oxygen polymer 1Organic fluorine intermediate 1Synthetic intermediate 1Chemical raw materials-catalysts 1
Name CAS Category
Basic Blue 5712221-31-7Dyes and pigments
Solvent Yellow 1910343-55-2Dyes and pigments
Nigrosine11099-03-9Dyes and pigments
1,4-bis(mesitylamino)anthraquinone116-75-6Dyes and pigments
Isatoic anhydride118-48-9Dyes and pigments
Basic Red 1412217-48-0Dyes and pigments
Vat Yellow 3312227-50-8Dyes and pigments
Solvent Red 12212227-55-3Dyes and pigments
Solvent Yellow 8212227-67-7Dyes and pigments
Solvent Black 2712237-22-8Dyes and pigments
Solvent Blue 7012237-24-0Dyes and pigments
Solvent Red 11912237-27-3Dyes and pigments
Solvent Orange 5412237-30-8Dyes and pigments
Pigment Blue 2712240-15-2Dyes and pigments
fluorescent yellow 3G12671-74-8Dyes and pigments
Solvent Blue 3512769-17-4Dyes and pigments
Solvent Green 3128-80-3Dyes and pigments
Solvent Orange 4513011-62-6Dyes and pigments
Cadmium sulfide1306-23-6Dyes and pigments
Titanium(IV) oxide1317-70-0Dyes and pigments
Titanium(IV) oxide1317-80-2Dyes and pigments
Solvent blue 5 (C.I. 42595:1)1325-86-6Dyes and pigments
Vat Black 91328-25-2Dyes and pigments
Solvent Blue 381328-51-4Dyes and pigments
lead sulfochromate yellow1344-37-2Dyes and pigments
Titanium(IV) oxide13463-67-7Dyes and pigments
Solvent Blue 3614233-37-5Dyes and pigments
Pigment Blue 15:3147-14-8Dyes and pigments
2-(3,6-dihydroxy-2,4,5,7-tetrabromoxanthen-9-yl)-benzoic acid15086-94-9Dyes and pigments
Fluorescent Brightener 3931533-45-5Dyes and pigments
CSFC 127164908-53-6Dyes and pigments
Solvent Blue 3517354-14-2Dyes and pigments
Disperse Red E-4B17418-58-5Dyes and pigments
Basic Blue 112185-86-6Dyes and pigments
victoria pure blue bo2390-60-5Dyes and pigments
Basic Yellow 22465-27-2Dyes and pigments
disperse blue 14 (C.I. 61500)2475-44-7Dyes and pigments
Perylenedicarboxylicaciddiisobutylester2744-50-5Dyes and pigments
water blue for microscopy28983-56-4Dyes and pigments
Basic Red 1:13068-39-1Dyes and pigments
Solvent Black 3432517-36-5Dyes and pigments
Solvent Red 833270-70-1Dyes and pigments
Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid36290-04-7Dyes and pigments
CSFC 12740470-68-6Dyes and pigments
Pigment Yellow 1474118-16-5Dyes and pigments
Acid Violet 434430-18-6Dyes and pigments
Acid Blue 804474-24-2Dyes and pigments
Solvent Violet 9467-63-0Dyes and pigments
Solvent Yellow 934702-90-3Dyes and pigments
Safranine O477-73-6Dyes and pigments
Indigo482-89-3Dyes and pigments
Iron (III) oxide monohydrate51274-00-1Dyes and pigments
Pigment Yellow 1105590-18-1Dyes and pigments
Solvent Yellow 215601-29-6Dyes and pigments
Basic Red 9569-61-9Dyes and pigments
Pigment Blue 2957455-37-5Dyes and pigments
Solvent Red 13261725-85-7Dyes and pigments
Solvent Violet 3661951-89-1Dyes and pigments
1-amino-4-(ethylamino)-9,10-dihydro-9,10-dioxoanthracene-2-carbonitrile62570-50-7Dyes and pigments
Basic Violet 14632-99-5Dyes and pigments
Solvent Green 76358-69-6Dyes and pigments
Acid Green 276408-57-7Dyes and pigments
Solvent naphtha64742-94-5Dyes and pigments
Solvent blue 4 (C.I. 44045:1)6786-83-0Dyes and pigments
Transparent Orange 3g6925-69-5Dyes and pigments
Pigment Red 48:17585-41-3Dyes and pigments
Lead(II) chromate7758-97-6Dyes and pigments
Solvent Yellow 338003-22-3Dyes and pigments
Acid Yellow 38004-92-0Dyes and pigments
1,4-Diamino-2,3-dichloroanthraquinone81-42-5Dyes and pigments
Solvent Red 21882347-07-7Dyes and pigments
Benzonitrile,3,3'-(2,3,5,6-tetrahydro-3,6-dioxopyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-diyl)bis-84632-50-8Dyes and pigments
Indigo Carmine860-22-0Dyes and pigments
protease type xiii fungal9025-49-4Dyes and pigments
Isatin91-56-5Dyes and pigments
Disperse Red 34399035-78-6Dyes and pigments