TNJ is a chemical company since 2001. Our specialization, your Confidence !

We keep committing to meet the needs of both market and customers with our innovative technology, high stable quality products and excellent service. We always combine economic success with high sense of social responsibility and environmental protection. To meet the needsof customers, to enrich the value of all TNJ staff, to shoulder more and more social responsibility...these are our unremitting pursuit.

We believe and are to make true Better Chemicals, Better Future!

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Product Category

Organic raw materials 3393Other 1498Intermediate 667Inorganic chemical industry 661Chemical raw materials 261Chemical Reagents 126Agrochemicals 114Catalysts and auxiliaries 90Dyes and pigments 76Biomedicine 57Organic chemical raw materials 36Pharmaceutical raw materials 32Flavors and spices 31Daily chemical industry 31Food additive 25Pharmaceutical intermediate 23Cosmetic raw materials 13Chemical intermediate 11Flavor and Spice 10Organic chemical industry 7Fine chemical raw materials 6Synthetic material intermediates 5Pharmaceutical bulk drug 5Medical raw materials 4Daily chemical raw materials 4Inorganic chemical products 3Biochemical reagent 3fine chemicals 3Organic intermediate 3API 2Molecular block 2Inorganic chemical raw materials 2Flavor (flavoring agent) 2Metal organic matter 2Spices and Flavors 2Plant extract 2Dye intermediate 2Liposome 2Organic pigment 1Chemical Raw Material-Surfactant 1additive 1 1Pharmaceutical and chemical industry 1Precious metal compound 1Ultraviolet absorber 1Surfactant-Cationic Surfactant 1Catalyst and Additives 1Thickener 1Solvent dye 1Organic synthesis intermediate 1Industrial raw materials 1Pesticide raw materials 1Pharmaceutical active molecule 1Special chemicals 1Silicone oxygen polymer 1Organic fluorine intermediate 1Synthetic intermediate 1Chemical raw materials-catalysts 1Inorganic salt 1Cosmetics 1Pesticide and Dye Intermediates 1Catalysts and promoters 1Pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials 1Food addition 1Daily chemicals 1Nutritional enhancer 1Small molecule inhibitor 1Nutritional supplement 1Chemical intermediate industrial raw materials 1Original drug intermediate 1Pesticide intermediate 1